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Modular system

We provide a wide range of modular systems: WS85, and K├╝per VARIA and BINDER.

WS 85 system
ws85-systeme-general-1 ws85-systeme-general-2 ws85-systeme-general-3
ws85-systeme-en-coupe The WS85 system basic installation The cutting system
1. WS profile
2. NOCKIN ledge
3. Type "I" modular element
4. Type "A" modular element
5. Lateral side
6. Clamping wedge

Modular elements of type "I" have a standard width of 300 mm. The modular elements of the type "A" enable the system to adapt to any width of screen. The standard length of the modular as well as strips Nockin is 1000 mm elements. Further development of modular panels will move towards these standard sizes.

ws85-disponibilite-pour-profiles WS 85 profiles disponibilities

Dimensions 90x50 80x40 40x40
Weight (Kg/m) 9,411 7,839 4,695
Wx (cm3) 23,819 16,233 4,963
Wy (cm3) 19,701 12,863 6,696
Max. lengh 8700 8700 6050

NOCKIN ledge
Avec protectional skirt


...for 90x50 profiles


...for 80x40 profiles


...for every profiles

VARIA System
Simple, universal, ideal: the stackable large area open screening system.

kuper_varia kuper_varia_technologie
The plug-in VARIA system is suitable not only for the first new equipment sieve, but also for equipment modification of existing facilities.

Gigant Küprene Clean GK-Soft
Vulcanized rubber in the mold, with a hardness of about 60 Shore A. Very abrasion resistant and elastic. Wear-resistant polyurethane with a hardness of 90 Shore A. elastic and resistant to knocks and shocks. Resistant to water and many chemicals. Vulcanized rubber in the mold, with a hardness of about 35 Shore A. Extremely flexible and wear-resistant. Polyurethane of different hardnesses up to 85 Shore A. wear resistant and elastic.
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Binder system
More informations coming soon...


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