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Küper blades

Highway, road, city center, runway and landing or village square: Different environments require different blades.
In collaboration with manufacturers snowplows, our blades, market leaders are systematically adapted to the corresponding snowplow, and we continue to develop continuously for over 40 years.

lame-deneigement-kuper-tucasxwave_03 Tuca SX Wave
The new super-combined blade for all types of snow plows and all road surfaces. New technology.
lame-deneigement-kuper-kombi-s36-s50-wave_03 KOMBI S36 Wave / KOMBI S50 Wave
Standard for 20 years, the Kombi Kombi S36 and S50 are optimized by the Wave technology.
lame-deneigement-kuper-kombi-s25_03 KOMBI S25
Standard for 20 years, serving in the world.
lame-deneigement-kuper-gk5_03 Küper GK5
Corundum blade / rubber silent and extremely abrasion resistant.
lame-deneigement-kuper-fk_03 Küper FK
Corundum blade / rubber specially developed for use on snowplows segments spring.
lame-deneigement-kuper-gk7_03 Küper GK7
Corundum blade / rubber specially developed for use on snowplows SNK.
lame-deneigement-kuper-kueprene_03 Küper Küprene
Featherweight: plastic blade for snow removal on airfields.
lame-deneigement-kuper-gleitkufen_03 Küper KOMBI K / KOMBI V
Durability: the long-term runners.
lame-deneigement-kuper-Patins_trottoirs Küper sidewalks bumper
Excellent nti-friction protection against sidewalks.
wave-technology Wave technology
Wave technology allows you to divert the flow of snow allowing you greater visibility.


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